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Gain full access to our highly-skilled assets to your leverage. Understand what we do as you discuss your business needs with your Task Take Out coach.

We give our full dedication and effort to be the best support for your business’s success. Our goal is to provide effective communication and processes that result in client retention and profit.

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Welcome to Task Take Out. Let us walk you through our process through our short videos. Watch and learn more about our company, process, onboarding, and what we can do for your business.

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Our Clients

We invest our skills, effort, and time to ensure our client’s business growth and success. Our specialty is bringing down your marketing expenses while building a scalable growth plan. You can have reliable returns on every paid acquisition you spend through our well-planned process.

Your success is our top goal.


Make your business known, turn leads into actual customers, and increase profits with us.

Expert Team

You will be guided by the highly-skilled and experienced consultants in your business niche.

Calculated Approach

Our plan of action is based on a calculated approach, depending on your business needs.

Fruitful Working Agreement

Working with Task Take Out will prove to be fruitful – not only in growing your business but also in building great working relationships that can surely help your business flourish.

Invest Your Money Right Into Where Your Business Will Grow

We focus on building your business through data-driven marketing.

Tools we used

What We Do

We prioritize helping businesses to improve their B2B businesses and E-commerce through effective marketing and paid acquisition, using Google ads, website management, and more. We also specialize in Content, SEO, and email marketing.

Social Media Advertising

Do you need help in navigating your social media Ads Manager? Worry not. One of our specialties is social media advertising. We can set up your advertisements with the most effective techniques, helping you reach your business goals in no time.
  • Prospecting and cold audience targeting
  • Audience and message testing
  • Upsell campaigns
  • Ad copies & creatives
  • Targeted audience builds
  • Weekly reporting and tracking
  • Optimization

Google Ads

Stuck on understanding how Google Ads Backend works? Get visitors to your website through our personalized ad settings and fully optimized keywords.
  • Complete strategy build
  • Audience and message testing
  • Keyword optimization for Google search campaign
  • Manual Bidding Optimization
  • Google Display campaign
  • Competitor Keyword Targeting
  • Brand Keyword Targeting
  • Google Shopping campaign (product placements)
  • Feed uploading and maintenance
  • Weekly reporting and tracking
SEO and Content
Our search engine optimization (SEO) and content services help you achieve better quality traffic, higher search rankings, and more. Get high-quality content
  • Keyword research and optimization
  • Brand Keyword Targeting.
  • Competitor Keyword Targeting
  • Google search campaign
  • On-page and off-page content writing and editing

Email Marketing

We help businesses reach more potential customers through email. You can introduce your services to a targeted audience at a lower cost.
  • 2 to 4 email sequences and set up within your email software
  • Upsell sequence
  • Abandoned cart sequence
  • Review and recommendation
Do you need to keep your overheads closely monitored? Lessen time-consuming bookkeeping activities and save up time and money in return. Take advantage of our top-notch bookkeeping services, and keep track of your profit without the hassle of tedious, repetitive tasks.
  • Financial reconciliation, including bank and credit card accounts
  • Accounts receivable versus payable monitoring and analysis
  • Payroll and sales estimation
Human Resource (HR)
Want to introduce more strategic hiring processes without spending too much on your budget? Our HR professionals can help you find the best talents while providing smart and cost-effective human resource solutions fitted for your business needs.
  • External recruitment
  • Employee onboarding assistance
  • Workforce administration
  • Compensation and benefits administration
  • Employee rewards and recognition programs

Take laborious, time-consuming accounting tasks off your daily task list. Our certified public accountants are experts in US accounting and have reliable skills and experience handling basic to complex accounting tasks. We manage your accounting functions as an extension of your company.

  • Basic accounting tasks
  • Budget review and reporting
  • Experts on various accounting software
  • Recording and generating paychecks
  • Payroll accounting and return filing assistance
  • Sales tax working and return filing
  • General report organization and compilation
Lead Generation
When it comes to lead generation, Task Take Out has in-depth knowledge and skills in lead quality and volume assessment and data analysis. From this information, we can help boost your overall conversion rate while lowering unproductive leads.
  • Target list identification and building
  • Audience reach analysis, reporting, and recommendations
  • Email marketing campaign support
Cold Calling
Many companies struggle with getting warm leads that convert into actual customers. At Task Take Out, our cold calling services depended on our expertise to build effective scripts and communication processes that highlighted our client’s value proposition. This proven strategy helps develop high-quality leads converted to warm sales appointments.
  • Personalized script
  • Customized calling strategy
  • Regular evaluation and feedback on calls
  • Target qualification
Appointment Setting
Our appointment setting service helps businesses widen their client base, resulting in business growth and better market share. Our strategies to set appointments with your target clients allow you to prioritize tasks to improve your sales and profitability.
  • Prospect building
  • Customized call script for appointment setting
  • Warm leads delivery
General Virtual Assistance (VA)
Our general VA services help to accomplish administrative, sales, and operational tasks for you. Our selection process involved customized matching based on your business needs. If you wish someone to help monitor your expenses, manage your appointments, or do your presentations, our skilled VAs are here to help.
  • Email and calendar management
  • Scheduling and organizing meetings and appointments
  • Answer incoming calls
  • Data entry and basic research
  • Presentation and report preparation
  • Travel organization
Web Design
Our website design prioritizes creating a great first impression of your company. We customize websites using a clean, straightforward, yet creative interface to give the best user experience to your clients. Our skilled graphic designers ensure that the outcome captures the attention of your visitors, making it stand out from the rest.
  • WordPress web and mobile design
  • Logo creation and branding materials
  • Social media design
  • User experience design
  • E-commerce design
Video Editor
Want to have your videos professionally edited? We can make it through our faster, more efficient, and reasonably-priced video editing service. Our video output helps you reach more of your targeted audience, catch people’s attention, and make lasting impressions on your company.
Web Development
We create unique websites – customized for your company, branding, or business. Our highly experienced web developers specialize in implementing and maintaining scalable web applications and technologies at par with your industry standards. From the aesthetic front end to the back end to optimization, web design, and content implementation, you can only expect the best.
  • Custom website development
  • E-commerce web development
  • Web maintenance and support
Account Management
Our other services (social media advertising, Google Ads, email marketing, bookkeeping, etc.) have one internal Account Manager coordinating with you and our team. You can, however, have one dedicated Account Manager to communicate with between your client, you, and your team.


“If you search for an experienced marketer, the Task Take Out is your best take. They helped us boost our business to the next level. Within three months, we noticed the increase of traffic on our website, and a lot actually turned into actual sales.”

Brianna P.

“Working with Task Take Out proved to be exciting, fun, and profitable. Not only did our profit double because of effective Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and email marketing, but we also improved our brand campaign without any hassle. Call these guys today if you want a sure way to boost your ROAS!”

Dean L.
“I am impressed with the Task Take-Out team’s professionalism and commitment. Their experts in lead generation and e-commerce management. I highly recommend their services.”

Phillip M.
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