Just as promised, the VAs I hired through Task TakeOut have the skills I need in my team and company. I’ve hired twice already from Task TakeOut, and I appreciate that they’re very communicative and fast. I’m now thinking of outsourcing not just most of our repetitive processes but important ones, as well, such as sales and customer service and support.

Kevin Bright

Symple Market, LLC

I hired Task TakeOut VAs in the first few months of my start-up business to assist with my administrative duties. All I have are praises for Task TakeOut and, of course, the virtual assistants who made it possible for my business to start seeing sales. While I have regular employees now, I still have a social media manager and telemarketer from Task TakeOut to assist me with making my new products known to more customers. I would definitely recommend Task TakeOut to anyone in search of someone to help them with their business.

Ashley McGregor

Decor and Scape

Task TakeOut became my secret weapon to boost my business. I hired a sales professional to help me understand the strong and weak points of how I sell my products. And you know what? Everything fell into its proper place, and I started selling my products without a problem. Task TakeOut will definitely be my first choice.

Mellissa Fox

Sensitive Clean

Task TakeOut is my go-to company whenever I need to hire a staff or VA. They can easily provide you with one that meets your needs. They’re fast, too, not just with finding the right VA but with sorting out problems and issues.

Martin Ackerman

Luxen Works, LLC

Task Takeout is very responsive and is quick to respond to queries and sorting issues. Overall, I’m happy with the staff that they provided because we found exactly what we need. Task Takeout works closely with its clients to provide the best VA. You may not get the best first time, but they’re quick to provide a replacement.

Alice Bryant


Having a virtual assistant is quite new for us. We had two trial VAs from another company, but we had trouble coordinating with them. That’s when we came across Task TakeOut. We never had problems with any Task TakeOut VA. They always work the extra mile! All tasks are handled within our timeframe with great outcomes. We look forward to working with Task TakeOut again on our next projects.

Tim and John Pollack

Tree & Lawn CO

I discovered Task TakeOut through a business partner. I decided to try hiring a VA to help me get through all my paperwork and data entry. My first week was outstanding. My VA finished all the tasks I requested on time. I am considering hiring a social media manager to help me manage my Facebook and Instagram accounts. Thank you, Task TakeOut. I am excited to work on my business because of your help.

Joe Park

Good Karma Services