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Lead generation helps businesses boost sales by attracting leads that convert into sales. Task TakeOut lead generations specialists create and fulfill managed marketing campaigns. Our proven process effectively determines focused sales opportunities, bringing high-value leads directly to your pipeline.

Our lead generation specialist connects with prospective clients through calls, email, social media, online platforms, or a combination of the former. We ensure to use all means of communication with the primary stakeholders, including the executives and the LOB (line-of-business) managers.

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Surpassing Sales Targets

Our years of lead generation experience allow us to help businesses get high-quality leads with a high potential for conversion, useful volume assessment, and accurate data analysis. Our expertise in sales and marketing is also a plus, giving you the edge over your competitors.

Target List Identification and Building

We help identify prospective customer profiles, helping build a reliable list of companies or individuals with high potential for conversion to actual sales. The list contains complete information, including contact details and addresses.

Audience Reach Analysis, Reporting, and Recommendations

Using our multi-channel lead generation process, we generate audience reach analysis. We will provide you with a comprehensive report with the results and recommendations that will give you in-depth insight into your business.

Email Marketing Campaign Support

Our lead gen specialist can also serve as your email marketing – lead generation campaign support. This campaign can help turn cold leads into warm or even hot leads. Let us gain new leads for you through email marketing.

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