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Task TakeOut offers comprehensive and tailored solutions to address
the needs of a business with highly trained and qualified e-mail marketers and

Solve Your Lead Generation Problem
by Hiring an E-mail Marketer Now

Do you have e-mail marketing and lead generation problems that you want to be fixed? Hire an experienced and highly qualified e-mail marketer to provide your company access to lead generation opportunities that e-mail marketing delivers.

With more and more people turning to their devices and the Internet to get information on services and products they need, e-mail marketing is quickly becoming one of the most effective tools for lead generation. E-mail marketers have specific training and skills that capacitate them to drive leads to your business via a landing page visit, call, e-mail, and other channels. More importantly, e-mail marketing improves the chances of converting these leads into sales.

How can our professional e-mail marketers and specialists help your business?

Get improved open rates

With time-tested and proven strategies, your newly hired e-mail marketer will improve your e-mail open rates; thus, more people will be able to see your sales pitch. Higher e-mail open rates mean more chances of closing a deal.

Increase your sales meeting bookings

Content is the key to driving people from opening a meeting to booking a sales meeting. We have developed a proprietary method for crafting convincing and engaging e-mails that have worked for years. Our e-mail marketers will be able to increase your sales meeting bookings with strategically written e-mails designed to help entrepreneurs close sales.

Our Pre-Vetting Process for E-mail Marketers

Our network of e-mail marketers underwent a rigorous pre-vetting process to ensure that they meet our quality standards. We do this to ensure that we provide our clients with the best e-mail marketing specialist to deliver results and help grow their business.

Reputation and Experience Evaluation

We conduct a thorough evaluation of the resume, reputation, and LinkedIn profile of the e-mail marketer to get an overview of their skill set and experience.

Discovery Call

With years of experience doing it, we have developed the knack of telling and judging the quality of the e-mail marketer by engaging them in an initial discovery call to hear more from them. We look for skill sets and qualities that would be useful for our clients.

Thorough Interview

We engage each applicant in an in-depth interview assessing the extent of their e-mail marketing experience and skills. We ask them questions that will probe their experience, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Evaluation by an Expert

An industry expert reviews the profile of the applicants, and the notes gleaned from the previous processes. These experts decide whether they’re a good fit for the Task TakeOut network of e-mail marketers.