5 Reasons to Hire an Executive Assistant for Success

Aug 31, 2022

While it’s tempting to think that effective executives don’t need assistants to function at their best, the truth is the opposite. Studies show that skilled executive assistants are necessary for improved business productivity and organization. Hiring an executive assistant might be the final step you need to take to help you focus on growing your business.

Often, executives are burdened with loads of meeting requests, new projects, emails, and proposals. Hiring an executive assistant with excellent communication, strategic planning, and organization skills can free up an executive with these mind clutter and make them more efficient and successful.

Here are five ways a skilled assistant can help an executive.

1. Assistants Make Executives Look Good

Executives often travel or need to be away to do some business. However, the business that they leave behind needs to continue running. A skilled executive assistant can be the executive’s face and voice when they’re not around.

An assistant that’s well informed of the business objectives and priorities can attend meetings and conferences, answer calls and organize schedules. With excellent written and verbal communication skills, an assistant can represent an executive and make them look good even when absent. The assistant can respond to messages, too, making the executive appear responsive.

2. Assistants Provide Constant Support

When executives are away, on vacation, on the road, or at home working during the weekend, an assistant can provide the support he or they will need. An assistant can quickly give an overview of the operations and is a reliable source of information.

With the Internet, reports and other relevant documents can be sent and made available via e-mail or a cloud-based drive. It’s also now easy and convenient to engage in an informal video meeting to keep oneself updated on the company’s operations. If you’re a person who’s on the go but needs to keep up, you need to hire an executive assistant now.

3. Assistants Can Take On Some Tasks

The functions performed by an executive are critical to the business’s success and frequently involve critical information. While one may not assign tasks to just anyone, an executive assistant can take on tasks such as scheduling appointments, handling an executive’s phone, or reading and responding to emails. On top of that, they can perform advanced tasks such as conducting market research and compiling reports.

With a dedicated and skilled executive assistant, executives can unburden themselves with additional tasks yet remain confident that they are done excellently. Hire an executive assistant and delegate sensitive and critical tasks to him or her with full confidence.

4. Assistants Can Keep You on Schedule

Keeping a company growing requires loads of tasks and appointments. At first, it looks like they’re manageable. Eventually, they’ll become overwhelming. The mental clutter the schedule can cause can reduce one’s motivation to work. An executive assistant can fix and organize the schedule, make sure you don’t miss anything important, and handle new appointments or cancellations as they come up.

Also, it is easy for executive assistants to identify and attend to things that do not necessarily need the presence or participation of the executive, thus freeing up the schedule for more important tasks in your business. Hire an executive assistant now and take advantage of decluttered and organized schedule.

5. Assistants can Anticipate and Provide for Your Needs

The best executive assistants can anticipate your needs and work ahead without supervision or delegation. They execute the tasks way before the executive asks for them, thus saving valuable time. 

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